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Rights and obligations of Staff

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Rights and obligations of staff are governed by the following Staff Regulations and Rules:

Rights and obligations of staff

Staff Regulations, 1.2

Staff Rules, 1.2

For more detailed provisions please refer to the administrative issuances related to this topic.

Secretary-General's Bulletin(s)

ST/SGB/2023/3 Gender Focal Points in the Secretariat
ST/SGB/2023/1 Staff Regulations and Staff Rules, including provisional Staff Rules, of the United Nations
ST/SGB/2020/4 United Nations Flag Code
ST/SGB/2019/8 Addressing discrimination, harassment, including sexual harassment, and abuse of authority
ST/SGB/2019/5 Institutional use of social media
ST/SGB/2017/2/Rev.1 Protection against retaliation for reporting misconduct and for cooperating with duly authorized audits or investigations
ST/SGB/2016/9 Status basic rights and duties of United Nations staff members
ST/SGB/2008/5 Prohibition of discrimination harassment including sexual harassment and abuse of authority
ST/SGB/2007/11/Amend.1 Amendment to the Secretary-General's bulletin ST/SGB/2007/11 on United Nations system-wide application of ethics: separately administered organs and programmes
ST/SGB/2007/11 United Nations system-wide application of ethics: separately administered organs and programmes
ST/SGB/2007/11 United Nations system-wide application of ethics: separately administered organs and programmes (Consolidated)
ST/SGB/2006/5 Acceptance of pro bono goods and services
ST/SGB/2003/13 Special measures for protection from sexual exploitation and sexual abuse
ST/SGB/2003/9 Non-smoking policy at United Nations Headquarters New York
ST/SGB/1999/13 Observance by United Nations forces of international humanitarian law
ST/SGB/1999/9 Steering Committee for the Improvement of the Status of Women in the Secretariat
ST/SGB/1999/4 Family and child support obligations of staff members

Other Documents

DESA.6 (Request for Personnel Files)
DESA.7 (PS/TCMS Personnel File Control Form)
DPKO.8 (DPKO Registry Unit Official Status File Movement Log)
DPKO.9 (DPKO Personnel File Control Form)
F.247 - Request for settlement of 2022 income taxes
F.65 - Request for 2021 income tax settlement and 2022 income tax advances
F.65/A - Request for settlement of income taxes (supplementary Information to Form F.65)
IRS form 4506-C - IVES Request for transcript of tax return - UN form
P.11-E (Personal History)
P.11/C (Supplementary Sheet to P.11)
P.110 (Personal History-short form)
P.113 (Administrative Detail form)
P.159-E (Reference Statement Check for Professionals)
P.180 (Personnel Files Cross Reference Sheet)
P.198 (Request for Personnel Files)
P.209 (Information Kit on G-4 Visa Application)
P.210 (Information Kit on G-5 Visa Application)
P.210A - Prenotification of a domestic Worker - G-5 Visa
P.210B - Computation Sheet - For the request of a G-5 Visa
P.210C - Compliance Report for the renewal of visas for household employees
P.282 (Authorization to withdraw Personnel Files)
P.283 (Personnel Records File Closure Form)
P.312 (Clarification of Status of Family Members and Arrival Notice)
P.312A (Clarification of Status of Household Employee and Arrival Notice)
P.320 (Work Permit for Spouses Holding G-4 Visas)
P.321 (Work Permit for Children Holding G-4 Visas)
P.34-E (Declaration - Oath of Office)
P.36-E (Opt out/Resume Participation in the Voluntary supplemental funding mechanism for the Office of Staff Legal Assistance)
P.401 - Temporary Special Measures for the Achievement of Gender Parity
PT.158 (Advance Request for Visas)
PT.158/A (Advance Request for Visas which requires certification)
PT.164 (Official Travel of UN Staff Members in the United States)
PT.39-E (Application for UN Family Certificate)
PT.63 (Request for Change to G-4 Visa Status (for Staff Member))
PT.63A (Request for Change to G-4 Visa Status (for Spouse and eligible family members))
PT.63B (Request for Change to G-5 Visa Status (for Household Employee))
TTS.1 (Request for U.S. Visa)
Staff Safety and security [privileges and immunities]
United Nations Secretariat - Guidelines for the Personal Use of Social Media
Use of official cars guidelines
Institutional use of social media
Reasonable Accommodation Guideline
United to Respect Toolkit