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Use of property and assets

Quick facts

The use of property and assets is governed by the following Staff Regulations and Rules:

Use of property and assets

Staff Regulations, 1.2 (q), 1.2 (r)

For more detailed provisions please refer to the administrative issuances related to this topic.

Other Documents

Arrangements for admission to United Nations Headquarters during the seventy-fifth session of the General Assembly
COM.35/B (Summary of Enclosures - Diplomatic Pouch)
COM.39 (Authorization for Air Shipment of Mail Matter)
CS.9 (Confirmation of Services for Conference and Meetings)
CS.9/A (Request for Cost Estimates for Conference Services)
DPKO.8 (DPKO Registry Unit Official Status File Movement Log)
DPKO.9 (DPKO Personnel File Control Form)
FMS.1 (Application for Temporary Garage Entry Permit) (Previously FMD.1)
FMS.2 (Garage Waitlist Application) (Previously FMD.2)
FMS.3 Garage Waitlist Application: change of address) - Previously FMD.3
FMS.4 (Garage Application for USG/ASG) (Previously FMD.5)
FMS.5 (Application for Delegation Parking Decal & Short-term Vehicle Rentals) - Previously FMD.4
FMS.8 (Update information form - UNHQ Telephone Directory white pages only)
FVI.14 (Audio-Visual-Photo-Video Services Order)
P.180 (Personnel Files Cross Reference Sheet)
P.198 (Request for Personnel Files)
P.282 (Authorization to withdraw Personnel Files)
P.283 (Personnel Records File Closure Form)
PS.16 (Request for Documents (Long form))
PT.41(Inventory Report of Non-expendable Property (for field use))
PT.71 (Requisition for Return of Supplies-Eqpt to Stores)
RMS.51 (Request for Records)
SSS.142 (Request for ID card for Immediate Family Members at UNHQ) (Does not allow access to any U.N. premises)
SSS.143A (Request for Courtesy Pass (Brown) - NYLESA)
SSS.143B (Request for Courtesy Pass (Brown) - LANGUAGE COURSE)
SSS.160 (Application for Grounds Pass) All applicants
SSS.160/A (Application for Ground Pass - NGO)
SSS.160/B (Application for Ground Pass - MEDIA)