Administrative Instructions (AIs)

Year Symbol Title Publication date
ST/AI/149/Rev.4/Amend.1 Compensation for loss of or damage to personal effects attributable to service 22/01/2024
ST/AI/2023/3 Mobility 24/08/2023
ST/AI/2023/2 Parental leave and family leave 27/02/2023
ST/AI/2023/1 Downsizing or restructuring resulting in termination of appointments 20/01/2023
ST/AI/2022/4 Payment and disbursement of salaries and related allowances 11/11/2022
ST/AI/2022/3 Exhibits in publicly accessible gallery areas at Headquarters in New York and/or on the United Nations exhibits website 24/05/2022
ST/AI/2022/2 United Nations website publishing 19/05/2022
ST/AI/2022/1 Resident coordinator selection 11/04/2022
ST/AI/2021/4 Performance Management and Development System 30/08/2021
ST/AI/2021/3 Evaluation in the United Nations Secretariat 06/08/2021
ST/AI/2021/2/REV.1 Mission subsistence allowance 08/02/2024
ST/AI/2021/2 Mission subsistence allowance 20/12/2021
ST/AI/2020/6 Danger pay 29/10/2020
ST/AI/2020/5 Temporary special measures for the achievement of gender parity 06/08/2020
ST/AI/2020/4 Abolishment of obsolete administrative instructions 01/06/2020
ST/AI/2020/3 Competitive examinations for recruitment against or placement in language positions at the P-2 or P-3 level 10/07/2020
ST/AI/2020/2 Reimbursement of taxi and other for-hire-vehicle fares in New York 10/07/2020
ST/AI/2020/1 United Nations internship programme 03/02/2020
ST/AI/2019/6 Official forms management 30/12/2019
ST/AI/2019/5 Authority of United Nations security officers 11/11/2019
ST/AI/2019/4 Use of United Nations premises for meetings conferences special events and exhibits 23/09/2019
ST/AI/2019/3/Rev.1 Special entitlements for staff members serving at designated duty stations 01/03/2022
ST/AI/2019/2 Normal working hours at Headquarters 16/04/2019
ST/AI/2019/1 Resolution of disputes relating to medical determinations 15/02/2019
ST/AI/2018/13 Material and package passes in New York Headquarters 28/12/2018