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Transitional measures

Quick facts

The transitional measures are governed by the following Staff Regulations and Rules:

Acquired right to normal retirement age

Staff Rules, 13.4

Dependency allowances

Staff Regulations, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6

Staff Rules, 3.6, 13.11

Indefinite appointment

Staff Rules, 13.3

Internal system of justice

Staff Rules, 13.9

Non-resident allowance

Staff Rules, 13.8

Permanent appointment

Staff Rules, 13.2

Probationary appointment

Staff Rules, 13.3

Repatriation grant 

Staff Regulations, 9.4, Annex IV

Staff Rules, 3.19, 13.10

Salary scales 

Staff Regulations, 3.1, Annex I, para. 3

Staff Rules, 3.1, 13.12


For more detailed provisions please refer to the administrative issuances related to this topic.