Guidelines and Agreements

Year Title Publication date
Downsizing or restructuring resulting in termination of appointments 23/02/2023
Determination of step upon selection to a higher-level position within the same category 02/01/2023
Determination of step upon recruitment or movement to a different category: implementation of provisional staff rule 3.3 (a) 02/01/2023
Special Education Grant and Related Benefits for Children with a Disability 01/06/2022
Education Grant and Related Benefits 01/06/2022
Danger Pay: 1 January to 31 March 2021 01/01/2021
Danger Pay COVID-19: 1 January to 31 March 2021 01/01/2021
Administrative Instruction on Evaluation United Nations Secretariat 08/10/2021
Policy guidance on temporary suspension of hiring for regular budget positions 11/08/2020
Institutional use of social media 21/05/2019
Inter-Organization Agreement concerning Transfer Secondment or loan of Staff among the Organizations applying the UN Common System of Salaries and Allowances 20/05/2019
United Nations Secretariat - Guidelines for the Personal Use of Social Media 20/05/2019
Managers’ Guide to Appendix D and the Advisory Board on Compensation Claims (ABCC): Claims for service-incurred injury, illness or death 20/05/2019
Use of One-Dollar-A-Year Contracts 20/05/2019
e-PAS/e-Performance Rebuttal Panels guidelines 20/05/2019
Rules of Procedure - Central Review Board 20/05/2019
Rules of Procedure - Central Review Committee 20/05/2019
Rules of Procedure - Central Review Panel 20/05/2019
Rules of Procedure - Joint Harassment Prevention Board 20/05/2019
Administrative Guidelines Absences/delays Caused by Air Travel Restrictions 20/05/2019
Determination of earning limits in processing short-term appointment of retiree language staff 20/05/2019
Rules of Procedure - Senior Review Group 20/05/2019
Time and Attendance - Time Off for Voting on United States Election Day guidelines 20/05/2019
Consultants, individual contractors, interns and gratis personnel eligibility to apply for or to be appointed to posts 20/05/2019
Use of official cars guidelines 20/05/2019