F.256 (Payment Authorization - UN) [for non UNHQ users only. UNHQ users should use the electronic version of the F.256 form at the following address: http://iseek.un.org/M210.asp?dept=1317 ] - F.256
F.4 (IMIS Fund Reference Request form) - F.4
F.48 (Authorizaton for Direct Deposit of Salary - for UNHQ staff) - F.48
F.56-E (Reimbursement Voucher for Official Travel of Representatives of Member-States) - F.56-E
F.65 - Request for 2021 income tax settlement and 2022 income tax advances - F.65
F.65/A - Request for settlement of income taxes (supplementary Information to Form F.65) - F.65/A
F.82-E (Request for Salary Advance) - F.82-E
F.83 (Agreement for the receipt of a salary advance) - F.83
Facilities to be provided to Staff Representatives - ST/AI/293
Factsheet 1: Why is Mental Health and Well-being Important?
Factsheet 2: How Can You Improve Mental Health and Well-being?
Factsheet 3: Thriving as Manager and Leader
Family and child support obligations of staff members - ST/SGB/1999/4
Family leave, maternity leave and paternity leave - ST/AI/2005/2/Amend.2
Family leave, maternity leave and paternity leave (Consolidated) - ST/AI/2005/2
Family relationships
Family visit travel
Family Visit Travel - ST/AI/2000/15
Family Visit Travel - ST/AI/2000/15/Amend.1
Family visit travel (Consolidated) - ST/AI/2000/15
Fellowship programme
Field Joint Negotiation Committee
Filing of adverse material in personnel records - ST/AI/292
Filing of petitions for special immigrant classification and/or applications for lawful permanent resident status in the United States of America - ST/IC/2004/14
Financial Regulations and Rules
Financial Regulations and Rules - Human Resources
Financial Regulations and Rules of the United Nations - ST/SGB/2013/4
Financial Regulations and Rules of the United Nations - ST/SGB/2013/4/Amend.1
Financial responsibility
Fire Safety
Flexible working arrangement
Flexible working arrangements - ST/SGB/2019/3
Flexible working arrangements - ST/IC/2019/15
FMS.1 (Application for Temporary Garage Entry Permit) (Previously FMD.1) - FMS.1
FMS.2 (Garage Waitlist Application) (Previously FMD.2) - FMS.2
FMS.3 Garage Waitlist Application: change of address) - Previously FMD.3 - FMS.3
FMS.4 (Garage Application for USG/ASG) (Previously FMD.5) - FMS.4
FMS.5 (Application for Delegation Parking Decal & Short-term Vehicle Rentals) - Previously FMD.4 - FMS.5
FMS.8 (Update information form - UNHQ Telephone Directory white pages only) - FMS.8
Food Programme"
Fraud Prevention/Reporting Fraud
FVI.14 (Audio-Visual-Photo-Video Services Order) - FVI.14
G-4 visas for domestic partners - ST/IC/2018/25
Gender Considerations in Security Management
Gender Focal Points in the Secretariat - ST/SGB/2023/3
General Trust Funds - ST/AI/284
Geographical distribution
Global Central Review Board - ST/SGB/2016/4/Rev.1
Government provided personnel (military police corrections civilian)
Gratis personnel