Chapter 05. Sourcing
Chapter 06. Solicitation
Chapter 07. Management of Submissions
Chapter 08. Evaluation of Submissions
Chapter 09. Review by Committees on Contracts
Chapter 10. Awards
Chapter 11. Contract Finalization and Issuance of Contractual Instruments
Chapter 12. Logistics
Chapter 13. Contract Management and Contract Administration
Chapter 14. Cooperation
Chapter 15. Transverse Topics
Chapter 16. Glossary
Chapter 17. Abbreviations
Chapter 18. List of Annexes and Publicly Available Resources
Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Threats and Attacks
Cholera Risk Mitigation Plan (EN)
Claims for compensation under appendix D to the Staff Rules in the event of death, injury or illness due to coronavirus disease (COVID-19) - ST/IC/2021/17
Classification of posts
Close Protection Operations
COM.35/B (Summary of Enclosures - Diplomatic Pouch) - COM.35/B
COM.39 (Authorization for Air Shipment of Mail Matter) - COM.39
Commission for Historical Clarification - ST/SGB/1999/6
Commitments and expenses
Communications and contacts with host country authorities - ST/IC/2003/41
Compendium of Disciplinary Measures
Compendium of disciplinary measures July 2009-December 2022
Compensation for loss of or damage to personal effects attributable to service - ST/AI/149/Rev.4
Compensation for loss of or damage to personal effects attributable to service - ST/AI/149/REV.4
Compensation for loss of or damage to personal effects attributable to service - ST/AI/149/Rev.4/Amend.1
Competitive examinations
Competitive examinations for recruitment against or placement in language positions at the P-2 or P-3 level - ST/AI/2020/3
Compliance, Evaluation and Best Practices
Conflict of interest
Consideration of candidates
Consultants and individual contractors
Consultants and individual contractors - ST/AI/2013/4
Consultants, individual contractors, interns and gratis personnel eligibility to apply for or to be appointed to posts
Continuing appointments - ST/SGB/2011/9
Convention on the Privileges and Immunities of the United Nations
Coordination of action in cases of death of staff members: travel and transportation in cases of death or health-related emergency - ST/AI/2011/9
core competencies#core values#managerial competencies"
Cost Recovery
Criteria for transfer of household employees on G-5 visas - ST/IC/2014/25
CS.36(Taxi Fare Receipt) - CS.36
CS.9 (Confirmation of Services for Conference and Meetings) - CS.9
CS.9/A (Request for Cost Estimates for Conference Services) - CS.9/A
Daily subsistence allowance
Danger pay