Information Circulars (ICs)

Year Symbol Title Publication date
ST/IC/2021/12 Arrangements for admission to United Nations Headquarters during the high-level meetings and the general debate of the seventy-sixth session of the General Assembly 03/09/2021
ST/IC/2020/20 Official holidays for 2021 at United Nations Headquarters 28/10/2020
ST/IC/2020/15 Abolishment of obsolete information circulars 10/08/2020
ST/IC/2020/14 Abolishment of obsolete information circulars 01/07/2020
ST/IC/2020/13 Renewal of the United Nations Headquarters-administered health insurance programme, effective 1 July 2020 31/05/2020
ST/IC/2020/11/Amend.1 Employment of household employees on G-5 visas 13/08/2020
ST/IC/2020/11 Employment of household employees on G-5 visas 08/04/2020
ST/IC/2020/11 Employment of household employees on G-5 visas (consolidated text) 08/04/2020
ST/IC/2020/9 Designation of duty stations for purposes of rest and recuperation 26/02/2020
ST/IC/2020/8 Visa requirements for United Nations interns in the United States of America 03/02/2020
ST/IC/2020/6 Membership of the New York General Service Classification Appeals Committee 21/01/2020
ST/IC/2020/5 Membership of the Classification Appeals Committee for Posts in the Professional Category and Above 20/01/2020
ST/IC/2019/23 Official holidays for 2020 at United Nations Headquarters 21/11/2019
ST/IC/2019/22 Membership of the Senior Review Group 25/10/2019
ST/IC/2019/21 Hourly wage for household employees on G-5 visas 07/10/2019
ST/IC/2019/19 Dispositions régissant l’accès au Siège pendant la soixante-quatorzième session de l’Assemblée générale 20/09/2019
ST/IC/2019/16/Amend.1 Official travel 18/05/2023
ST/IC/2019/16 Official travel 08/07/2019
ST/IC/2019/15 Flexible working arrangements 11/06/2019
ST/IC/2019/8 Membership of the Central Review Board Committee and Panel at Headquarters 20/02/2019
ST/IC/2019/7 Availability of official documents to Secretariat officials 18/02/2019
ST/IC/2019/6 Rates of reimbursement for travel by private motor vehicle 13/02/2019
ST/IC/2019/5 Language and communications programme at Headquarters 2019 01/01/2019
ST/IC/2019/2 Index to information circulars 20/03/2019
ST/IC/2019/1 Index to administrative issuances 01/01/2019