Guidelines and Agreements

Year Title Publication date
Designation of duty stations for purposes of rest and recuperation 27/07/2017
List of duty stations designated as Non-Family Duty Stations as of 1 July 2016 01/01/2016
Inter-Organization Agreement concerning Transfer, Secondment or loan of Staff among the Organizations applying the UN Common System of Salaries and Allowances 01/01/2012
Placement of staff on administrative leave pending investigation and the disciplinary processwith pay guidelines 19/12/2012
Agreement between the UN Common System/Chief Executive Board for Coordination and the AIIC - 1 July 2012 01/07/2012
Table of Entitlements 01/01/2011
Personal Status for Purposes of United Nations Entitlements(Implementation of ST/SGB/2004/13) 28/05/2010
Staff Selection System Evaluation and selection guidelines for action by Programme case officers and Heads of Department 18/03/2010
Staff Welfare and Stress Management Options for MINUSTAH Staff 18/03/2010
Consideration for conversion to permanent appointment of staff members of the Secretariat eligible to be considered as at 30 June 2009 guidelines 29/01/2010
Consultants, individual contractors, interns and gratis personnel eligibility to apply for or to be appointed to posts 02/10/2010
Implementation of Transitional Measures for the United Nations contractual refrom for currently serving staff members other than those serving in United Nations Peacekeeping and Political Missions interim guidelines 01/07/2009
Project-related (former 200 series) recruitment process 01/07/2009
Countries with inadequate medical facilities justifying medical evacuation to recognized regional medical centers As of 2 February 2009 02/02/2009
Movement of mission staff to higher level posts 18/06/2007
Movement of mission staff to higher level posts interim guidelines 18/06/2007
Relocation grant (January 2007) 07/01/2007
Relocation grant (October 2007) 07/01/2007
Determining mobility under ST/AI/2010/3: Lateral moves and maximum post occupancy guidelines 13/07/2007
G to P roster guidelines 01/03/2006
Consideration for Conversion to permanent appointment of staff members of the Secretariat eligible to be considered in 1995 30/10/2006
Daily Subsistence Allowance (DSA) Implementation of General Assembly resolution 58/270 06/03/2006
External recruitment for General Service posts 06/03/2006
Roster management guidelines 16/09/2005
Determining mobility: lateral moves and maximum post occupancy 19/04/2005