Secretary-General’s Bulletins (SGBs)

Year Symbol Title Publication date
ST/SGB/2010/8 United Nations Memorial and Recognition Fund 02/08/2010
ST/SGB/2010/6 Staff Rules 02/09/2010
ST/SGB/2010/5 Establishment and operation of the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) (Superseded by ST/SGB/2020/5) 23/04/2010
ST/SGB/2010/4 Management Performance Board 15/04/2010
ST/SGB/2009/13 Organization of the Department of Political Affairs 01/10/2009
ST/SGB/2009/13 Organization of the Department of Political Affairs (Consolidated) 01/10/2009
ST/SGB/2009/11 Transitional measures related to the introduction of the new system of administration of justice 24/06/2009
ST/SGB/2009/10 Consideration for conversion to permanent appointment of staff members of the Secretariat eligible to be considered by 30 June 2009 23/06/2009
ST/SGB/2009/8 United Nations Learning Advisory Board 22/06/2009
ST/SGB/2009/7 Staff Rules 21/10/2009
ST/SGB/2009/6 Staff Regulations 27/05/2009
ST/SGB/2009/5 Field central review bodies 01/05/2009
ST/SGB/2009/2 Senior Review Group 01/01/2009
ST/SGB/2008/14 Joint Harassment Prevention Boards 27/10/2008
ST/SGB/2008/13 Organization of the Office of Legal Affairs 01/08/2008
ST/SGB/2008/10 Amendment to Secretary-General’s bulletin ST/SGB/2005/4 on the Senior Review Group 01/07/2008
ST/SGB/2008/7 Organization of the United Nations Office at Nairobi 28/04/2008
ST/SGB/2008/6 United Nations Exhibits Committee (Superseded by ST/SGB/2022/1? 28/04/2008
ST/SGB/2008/5 Prohibition of discrimination, harassment, including sexual harassment, and abuse of authority 11/02/2008
ST/SGB/2008/4 Staff Regulations 01/01/2008
ST/SGB/2008/3 Staff Rules 301.1 to 312.6 governing appointments for service of a limited duration 01/01/2008
ST/SGB/2008/2 Amendments to the 200 series of the Staff Rules (ST/SGB/2002/2) 01/01/2008
ST/SGB/2008/1 Amendments to the 100 Series of the Staff Rules (ST/SGB/2002/1) 01/01/2008
ST/SGB/2007/12 HIV/AIDS in the Workplace Orientation Programme 01/12/2007
ST/SGB/2007/10 Records of the United Nations Compensation Commission 29/06/2007