Administrative Instructions (AIs)

Year Symbol Title Publication date
ST/AI/2002/1 Education grant and special education grant for disabled children 01/10/2002
ST/AI/2001/16 Rental subsidies and deductions 23/01/2001
ST/AI/2001/10 Performance appraisal system 31/12/2001
ST/AI/2001/9 Mobility and hardship allowance 07/12/2001
ST/AI/2001/8 Competitive examination for recruitment to the Professional category of staff members from other categories 02/11/2001
ST/AI/2001/7/Rev.1 Managed Reassignment Programme for staff in the Professional category at the P-2 level recruited through the national competitive examination or the General Service to Professional category examination 10/05/2013
ST/AI/2001/7 Managed Reassignment Programme for Junior Professional Staff 28/08/2001
ST/AI/2001/5 United Nations Internet publishing (abolished by ST/AI/2022/2) 22/08/2001
ST/AI/2001/2 Appointments of limited duration 15/03/2001
ST/AI/2001/1 Currency and modalities of payment of salaries and allowances (Superseded by ST/AI 2022/4)) 08/02/2001
ST/AI/2000/21 Occasional recuperation break 22/12/2000
ST/AI/2000/20 Official travel 22/12/2000
ST/AI/2000/18 Life insurance 21/12/2000
ST/AI/2000/17 Assignment grant 11/12/2000
ST/AI/2000/14 Coordination of action in cases of death of staff members: Travel and transportation in cases of death or health-related emergency 09/11/2000
ST/AI/2000/11 Recovery of overpayments made to staff members 12/10/2000
ST/AI/2000/9 United Nations internship programme 19/09/2000
ST/AI/2000/8/Amend.2 Dependency status and dependency benefits 26/04/2007
ST/AI/2000/8 Dependency status and dependency benefits 13/09/2000
ST/AI/2000/7 Medical standards and clearances 15/08/2000
ST/AI/2000/6 Special entitlements for staff members serving at designated duty stations 25/05/2000
ST/AI/2000/5 Repatriation grant 15/05/2000
ST/AI/2000/4 Sabbatical leave programme 05/04/2000
ST/AI/2000/2 Mobility and hardship allowance 10/03/2000
ST/AI/2000/1 Special conditions for recruitment or placement of candidates successful in a competitive examination for posts requiring special language skills 12/01/2000