Administrative Instructions (AIs)

Year Symbol Title Publication date
ST/AI/356 Implementation of the initial general service classification exercise at Addis Ababa [English only] 04/05/1989
ST/AI/259/Rev.10 Salary Differential for General Service Staff in the Language-typing and word-processing units, Office of Conference and Support Services, Headquarters 27/02/1989
ST/AI/249/Rev.3 Standard of accommodation, travel time and rest stopovers 29/03/1989
ST/AI/234/Rev.1 Administration of Staff Regulations and Staff Rules 22/03/1989
ST/AI/354 Request for rectification of date of birth or of other personal data 27/07/1988
ST/AI/351 Assistance and representation by counsel in disciplinary and appeal cases 25/05/1988
ST/AI/350 Rental subsidies and deductions for staff at duty stations in Europe and North America 27/04/1988
ST/AI/206/Rev.3 Terminal Expenses 29/02/1988
ST/AI/344 Classification system for field service category posts [English only] 03/08/1987
ST/AI/343 Medical insurance plan for locally recruited staff at designated duty stations away from Headquarters 31/07/1987
ST/AI/189/ADD.25 Regulations for the control and limitation of documentation 23/02/1987
ST/AI/337 Policy on the provision and use of official cars 15/10/1986
ST/AI/336 The report of the group of high-level intergovernmental experts and related decisions of the General Assembly [English only] 15/09/1986
ST/AI/334 Test for basic word processing skills 21/05/1986
ST/AI/332 Classification standards for security jobs at Headquarters [English only] 07/11/1985
ST/AI/327 Institutional or Corporate contractors 23/01/1985
ST/AI/326/Corr.1 The United Nations Archives 17/01/1985
ST/AI/314/Add.1 Non-resident's allowance 16/01/1985
ST/AI/189/ADD.9/REV.1 Regulations for the control and limitation of documentation 26/03/1985
ST/AI/326 The United Nations Archives 28/12/1984
ST/AI/319 Control of travel on official business 12/09/1984
ST/AI/316 Granting of status of staff members to full-time language teachers 06/03/1984
ST/AI/298/Amend.1 Overtime and night differential for staff in the general service and related categories [English only] 15/10/1984
ST/AI/275/Rev.1 Rental subsidies and deductions for staff at duty stations outside Europe and North America 05/04/1984
ST/AI/240/Rev.2 Performance Evaluation Report System 28/11/1984