Information Circulars (ICs)

Year Symbol Title Publication date
ST/IC/2018/29 Regulations, Rules and Pension Adjustment System of the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund 20/11/2018
ST/IC/2018/25 G-4 visas for domestic partners 13/09/2018
ST/IC/2018/23 Arrangements for admission to United Nations Headquarters during the seventy-third session of the General Assembly 17/09/2018
ST/IC/2018/22 Membership of the Field Service Classification Appeals Committee 28/08/2018
ST/IC/2018/18 Abolition of obsolete information circulars 23/07/2018
ST/IC/2018/14 The United Nations garage: increase in parking rates 04/06/2018
ST/IC/2018/13 Implementation of the new mandatory age of separation 09/05/2018
ST/IC/2017/39 Abolition of obsolete information circulars 22/12/2017
ST/IC/2017/35 Relocation grant (lump-sum option for unaccompanied shipments or relocation shipments): rates 01/12/2017
ST/IC/2017/32 Employment of household employees on G-5 visas 11/10/2017
ST/IC/2017/31 Internal Justice Council 11/10/2017
ST/IC/2017/23 Review for consideration for the granting of a continuing appointment as at 1 July 2014 19/07/2017
ST/IC/2017/19 United Nations sabbatical leave programme for 2018 16/06/2017
ST/IC/2017/8 United States Executive Order dated 27 January 2017 suspending immigrant and non-immigrant entry into the United States of aliens from Iran (Islamic Republic of) Iraq Libya Somalia the Sudan the Syrian Arab Republic and Yemen 01/02/2017
ST/IC/2017/6 Revised definition of "immediate family" for the purposes of the G visa 04/01/2018
ST/IC/2016/28 Establishment of mission areas for purposes of relocation grant 08/10/2016
ST/IC/2016/25 Anti-Fraud and Anti-Corruption Framework of the United Nations Secretariat 09/09/2016
ST/IC/2016/17/Amend.1 Membership of the Senior Review Board 21/09/2017
ST/IC/2016/17 Membership of the Senior Review Board 09/08/2016
ST/IC/2016/17 Membership of the Senior Review Board (Consolidated) 09/08/2016
ST/IC/2016/11 Revised policies and procedures for obtaining employment authorization for dependants of non-United States citizens 25/04/2016
ST/IC/2016/10 No smoking policy at United Nations Headquarters premises 09/03/2016
ST/IC/2016/9 Recording and tracking procedure for non-capitalized property 07/03/2016
ST/IC/2016/8 Imposition of fees associated with the privileges and benefits provided by the Office of Foreign Mission for non-United States citizens 18/02/2016
ST/IC/2015/16 Change in practice regarding the cancellation of valid United States visas in the "G" category upon completion of assignment in the United States of America 24/08/2015