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This site provides resources such as security clearance requests, travel notification processing and travel advisories for individuals covered by the United Nations Security Management System


The United Nations Secretariat has implemented a new password policy. The policy requires a user account password length of at least 12 characters and an increased password complexity. This makes the accounts more secure.

To implement the policy we will require all user account password to expire. We encourage you to update your password now so that you will not be required to change your password at the next login after 3 December 2018.

Many thanks for your understanding and cooperation.



Acceptable Use Notification


Unauthorized access to this United Nations Computer System is prohibited by ST/SGB/2004/15 ("Use of information and communication technology resources and data" of 29 November 2004). Authorized users shall ensure that their use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) resources and ICT data is consistent with their obligations as staff members or such other obligations as may apply to them. All use of lCT resources and ICT data is subject to monitoring and investigation as set forth in ST/SGB/2004/15. Use of this system by any user, authorized or unauthorized, constitutes consent to the applicable UN regulations and rules.